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The Wakf Properties situated in India had been managed by various systems before Independent. After, Independent, Wakf Act, 1954 has been constituted by the union government and in M.P. Wakf Act, 1954 has been implemented in 1960. Since then M.P. Wakf Board has been constituted under the provision of  Wakf Act, 1954. The Union Govt. has constituted a new Act in 1995 which was based on demand and suggestions received from the various agencies/wakf boards. This Act was implemented on January 1995 and under this Act M.P. Govt. has constituted first Board, under New Act "Wakf Act 1995" on 12.05.96.

Some achievements of the M.P. Wakf Board
1. The computerization of the wakf records :

All records of the wakf properties relating to details of property, income etc. have been computerized in Urdu language.

2. Own website :

The Board has setup its own website,

3. The videography of the wakf properties:

For the safety of the wakf properties, Board has decided to videograph all the wakf properties. So far wakf properties of pilotcities of Bhopal, Indore and Ujjain have been videographed.

4. Survey of wakf property through GIS :

A prime wakf property of Bhopal named "BADA BAGH" has been surveyed by the latest technology - Geographical Informatic System and a CD of the wakf giving details on the digital map has been prepared.

5. Resurvey of wakf property :

Under the section - 4 of the Wakf Act, wakf survey of all districts of the State was completed and notified in the Gazette in the years 1983,1985 and 1989. Under the section - 4(6) of Wakf Act, 14 districts which have completed 20 years since last survey the order for resurvey has been issued on 25-12-04. The resurvey is in progress.

6. Wakf Tribunal :

A wakf tribunal which is presided by the hon'ble ADJ has been working since 1994.

7. Notification of Wakf Rules :

Under the section of 109 of the Wakf Act, 1995, the Rules of the Wakf Board were approved by the Govt. of M.P. and notified in the Gazette dated 19-6-2001.

8. Audit of the Wakf Board:

Under the section - 80 of the Wakf Act, 1995, the audit of the Wakf Board upto the year 2007-08 has been completed, by the local fund audit.

9. Posting of the Executive Officers :

Under the section of 38 of the Wakf Act, 1995, two Executive Officers have been posted to supervise and enhance the income of four prime wakfs namely Wakf Hussain Tekri of Jaora district Ratlam and Wakf Tukoganj, Wakf Khan Bahadur Trust, Wakf Chhoti Khajrani of Indore.

10. Yearly auction of the agricultural land of the wakfs :

To enhance the income of the wakfs, the agricultural land attached to the wakfs, is being auctioned through the Collectors of the concerned districts. A supervision committee consisting of concerning SDM, President of the district wakf committee and Mutawalli of concerned wakfs look after the transparent process of the auction.

11. Welfare Scheme of the Wakf Board:

(a) An ambulance is running by the Board on the basis of "no profit-no loss" for the poor persons.

(b) Financial assistance is provided to the widows, old age, destitutes, very poor and the needy persons.

(b) Scholarship is provided on the basis of merit-cum-means to the students through the Wakf Ubedullah Khan Scholarship Trust.

(c) A merit Award of Rs. 2000/- and 2500/- is declared for the "Top ten Muslim Students" of the 10th and 12th class Board examinations, respectively. 10 students were awarded in the year of 2005-06.

12. Development of wakf properties:

A proposal has been made to develop the wakf properties situated in the good locations as a shopping complex, petrol pumps, bank ATMs, Radio/TV towers and hoardings, to enhance the income of the wakfs and utilize the valuable land, and also to safeguard the land from the encroachments.

13. Development of the wakf properties through CWC:

(a) 18 proposals for the development of the urban wakf properties in the State have been sanctioned by the Central Wakf Council so far and out of these 14 projects have been completed. 4 projects are in process. Total Rs. 2.22 crores were received for these 18 projects from the CWC.

(b) Four major projects have been sent for the approval to the Central Wakf Council.

14.  Wakf properties are exempted from property tax imposed by Municipal Corporation in M.P. under section - 135 Nagar Nigam Act, 1956.

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