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What is Waqf ?
         When Muslim person/s who is/are working for charitable purpose under religious faith and sentiments and for the benifit & upliftment of the Society, has/have donate his/their property/properties in the name of Allah is called Waqf.

Definition of Wakf :

A Wakf is an unconditional and permanent dedication of property with implied detention in the ownership of God in such a manner, that the property of the owner may be extinguished and its profits may revert to or be applied for the benefit of mankind except for purposes prohibited by Islam.

For the purpose of the Musalman Wakf validating act of 1913, a Wakf means "a permanent dedication by a person professing the Musalman faith of any property for any purpose recognized by the muslim Law as religious, pious or Charitable".

SHIA LAW- Wakf is a contract, the fruit of effect of which is to tie up the origin of thing and to leave its usufruct free. The subject of the Wakf is transferred so as to become the property of the beneficiaries.

A wakf for a limited period time is void. According to better opinion Wakf in favour of descendants without any provision in the event of failures of successors is void.

Who may make a wakf - Subject to the provision of any one for the time being in force, a Mohammadan who is a major and is of sound mind, make a Wakf in respect of any property of which be is the owner.

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